Pretty Slut In High Heels Gets Ready For Pegging Sex

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Slave boy Frank is helping his girlfriend, annex mistress, put on her strap-on dildo. Tonight they felt like throwing around the pattern and she isn’t the one who is going to take it up the ass. She was in for pegging sex and Frank morphed in to the perfect slave. He helped her in to those killer heels, licked her pussy until she was wet like a river and then offered to throw on his own torture device. The little lubricant is not going to make this easy for him, but he will take it like a man.

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Watch Out For Girls With Strapons

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Tommy was up for a threesome when those two bitches offered themselves that night in the bar. So he went up to their apartment, where they had a drink before starting their “activities”. He saw all sorts of tools in the room: whips, masks, strap-on dildos etc. You have to know Tommy is a naughty boy and he loves those things, so he was eager to strip off his clothes when they asked him to. Maybe it wasn’t really asking, but more like demanding. He put on the tight latex mask and got ridden by the tasty blonde, while he got to tongue the other’s clean shaven peach. Big was his surprise when he felt the end of blondie’s whip enter his ass. But he didn’t protest; he wanted more. And that’s what he got.

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Strap-On Femdom Beauty Lets Her Man Feel It

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This smoking beauty is taking my breath away. Her cute face and tight body are topped off with a pair of juicy tits. She is holding those face slappers while she is letting her man feel her passion. Her dominant side got the upper hand, so she put on her strap-on dildo. She was all in for some serious pegging sex, when her man started giving her a hard time. Little could he know this was the wrong day for protest. He got slammed on the bed and rammed up the ass. Her big dick belt entered his tiny backdoor entrance while he was still wondering what was happening.

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Dominant Slut Loves Pegging Sex

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Katia and her friend Jon have a love hate affaire. They can have a great relationship, or sort off, for months and then suddenly one of them drops the ball by fucking another or some other stupid action. Katia has her way to show Jon his stupidities aren’t very much appreciated. She tells him it’s because he’s been a naughty boy, but deep inside she’s a real fan of pegging sex. She loves to be the dominant slut and to ram that hard pole in her weak man’s asshole. She loves to see him squirm and she loves to hear him begging her to take him back.

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Pegging Bitch Enjoys Her Man’s Screams

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Some men are fans, but most don’t like it: pegging will always be a subject for discussion. Not for Carol and Peter: they love it. Peter has a submissive nature and he loves being dominated by the woman he loves. Carol, on the other hand, kicks on the fact that she can control her tough guy. She gets off when he screams for mercy. She can’t get enough of that tasty view she gets when she is pumping his tight exit with that big dildo. This chick wants to fuck hard, but she demands to be fucked properly herself as well. After that girl on guy mayhem is still room for some good old fashioned fucking.

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Pretty Babe In Strap-On Femdom

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I am introducing you to Katie, a gorgeous petite babe with a love for bdsm. She want her man to crawl for her so she can, and she will, take advantage of them. Katie is all for strap-on femdom and she doesn’t want to be fucked by a man that isn’t going to take it up the ass. Why the hell would she let him slip his sausage in the back entrance when he’s not going to accept it himself? It’s all about balance and equals with this chick. You are seeing her in her favorite position, smiling willingly at the camera. Sure, there’s more after the click.

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